Today October 1st 2022 marks the 62 years old Anniversary of Federal Republic Of Nigeria. Nigeria is a country with great opportunity and we also celebrate this day as our National Day. Nigeria independence day is a day we shine through out the day with our cultural heritage welcoming with alot of foodies, party across the country. The Nigeria independence day is full of fun with parties just like every other parties in nigeria its always one of the best day yearly for Nigerians,


The General Consulate and the Ambassador of Federal Republic of Nigeria Argentina has put  together amazing events inviting specail consular and ambassador of other dipolamatic, commissioner in Argentina to mark Nigeria 62 years Anniversary of Independence. I was happy to receive this invitation from the Embassy of Nigeria here in Argentina Buenos Aires. The event was full of joy, good food from Nigeria and Argentina, drinks and Nigeria Music through out the event. The Nigeria few cultural Art was also put on display.

Lilian Dinma was able to take few pictures with very important commissioner and fire fighter of Argentina. Its a honour for me. I want to hope for Nigeria to be a better country for our future children to be pround of. Nigeria is a blessed country and we look forward to 2023 election by voting the right candidate who will lead Nigeria to a better Nigeria we all dream and hope of by the grace of Almighty God. Nigeria will be a great country Amen.

The General consular and Ambassador , Nigeria/Argentina staff  who support every Nigeria with their documents and others activites needed, i want to sincerely say thank you for all your kind support and doing your best to work for the Nigerians and other African country here. This is my 8th time i have honoured Nigeria indepencence day in Argentina.

I want to say a special thank you to Nigeria Ambassador, The General Consulate and all works of Federal Republic of Nigeria for putting up this events and making it a memory day for we Nigerians in South America.


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