Never allow your past to determine your future. Failures and mistakes are the stepping stones you need sometimes in your journey to make you strong.  failures do give us challenges to know how strong we are or make you to giveup, but i will say to you never give up to find your happiness and success in life.


There are relationships where some people are happy and free to do what ever makes them happy, because they own their right to be happy and to live a health life style in marriage or relationship. Do not let society push you into a relationship, marraige that will take away your right and freedom. You must learn and understand that you are important than the next person beside you. choose you. choose your health, choose your happiness,  your freedom to be loved and do what makes you happy.


Yes we all feel that scarying moment in our life. The world we live in is full of wickness and haters but we are not here for them, we are here on our own to the things we love, to find love, Job, Happiness, it does matter the enverioment we are there we there.

Its scary to be alone, scary to be judge by your friends and family, co workers. Trust me you can pull through. Turn your fear into your weapon.


We have to be thankful for what we have and feel. We need to appericate ourselves for the little we have achieved all these years . There are some people who are not alive today to be thankful for the little they have. We must not get it all at the same time. sometimes we have to allow the process to take it effect. Do not rush it to archive all your goals, do not stress yourself. Just take a step back and be thankful for what you have.