Lilian Dinma, the most talked about EU sensational singer, is back again with a brand new song and a new sound that will make you groove.
She recently released a song titled, “Far Away”, where she spoke against domestic violence and other social vices through her song.
This time around, the sensational music artiste, Lilian Dinma, is back with a new song titled; Y.O.LO. According to the sensational music artiste, the full meaning behind Y.O.L.O is You Only Live Once.
In Y.O.L.O, Lilian Dinma talked about life in general, she said that people in our life do come and go and not every one must stay forever. She also said we should live our lives as much as we can because nobody knows tomorrow and we should enjoy every moment we have on earth.
Lilian Dinma also admonished us to treat others with dignity and love without looking down on anyone irrespective of social or financial status.
You Only Live Once (Y.O.L.O) by Lilian Dinma was produced by Mixmaster Garzy.
Song Recorded at Moni Records Studio.
Take your time and enjoy every lyrics of this wonderful and amazing song from Lilian Dinma.
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Far Away is not the kind of song you are used to from me. I wrote this song with a reason behind domestic volience. This is the opposite song from NO More Pain, If you have not listen to No More Pain i think you should do so, so you can understand the massage am passing through. Far Away Lyrics is a question song same time telling you that nobody enjoys being treated bad or Abused by words or physical. I hope you will enjoy this song by Lilian Dinma.


No Be Fake Love Ft Legend Otwenty Producer.

This song is a song of love celebration. I believe this song will give you that vibes you need to celebrate your love ones. If you love someone dearly this is the song for him or her to listen, never too late to apericate those who love us.

I hope you enjoy this new tune from Lilian Dinma


I am using this song to thank God For his unconditonal Love towards me and my family. There is no love like God Almighty Love who nerve ask you for retun, This Kind Love is a thankful song for  his love and peace of mind i have from him. I hope you enjoy this song from Lilian Dinma


Amen is one of Lilian Dinma Best Worship motivation song. Amen is a prayer song of declaration for your life. You need to believe and trust God foe working for you.