Lilian Dinma, has released a brand new song titled Thank God Prod by YoungD.

On this songs she talked about thanking God for everything he has done for her, she said thank God oh you been there for me when i got nobody,she contuine to say, If no be God where will she be. She also pour out her apperication to God for all the blessings and mercies, protections and everything. We join her to also thank God for everything he has done for you. We are alive with good health all because of God grace and love upon us and not every body can understand what it feel be alive and overcomer. She Thank God for not forsaking her and turning everything around for her good. God has been there for her and she got not worries. We hope you enjoy this amazing song, Click on the picture to watch full video.

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Thank you and we hope to see you soon and till then God bless you.


 Lilian Dinma, has released another wonderful inspirational song.
Lilian Dinma is known for her dynamic sound and inspiring lyrics. This time, she is back with a song titled: IF YOU BELIEVE. According to the sensational Singer, the song is to give people assurance that if you believe in God, even if you fall, you go rise again.
In the song, she said, you shouldn’t let your worries  weigh you down because God is always there to lift you up. All you need to do is trust and believe in Him.
The title of the song is a clear indication that God is always there to do great things for His people.
Lilian Dinma encourage us to always put our hope and trust in God and treat God’s Words as the most important thing in our lives. Lilian Dinma hope this song brings you the joy and happiness you seek from God Almighty. May God grant you all you pray for Amen.
Thank you for your support and enjoy the song untill we meetb again.


Dear Friends, Merry Christmas to you and your family. Hope this christmas brings you a joyful and kindness one to you and your families.

I have good news to share with you all, this 2022 will shall end it with ASSURANCE” God has done so much for us this year 2022. Lets enter into the New Year with God ASSURANCE in our lives,business, school, Jobs family, etc and to trust God for his Mercy and Grace all the time. 

ASSURANCE, is about God Blessings and favour upon my life. Jesus Love gives me assurance and there is nothing impossible for him to do for you. He has done it all for me so i will keep trusting in his words. 

This song gives me assurance that God is always there to do great things for his people, go and listen to Assurance and remain blessed.

Happy New Year And See You In 2023.


I am so excited to announce my new single tilted Y.O.L.O  is finially out today on the 28th of october 2022. This particular song took me time when it comes to production, writing the song, and making sure the massage sink to people soul and mind. 

Music is the only way i can reach out to the world and deliver my massage. If you are reading this, please kindly subscribe to my youtube channel to support me and get more update. 

Lilian Dinma returns with an inspiring song titled FAR AWAY:
She’s using this particular tune and lyrics to support and to encourage both men and women to understand that domestic violence is not something you need to be comfortable with. Therefore, using this tune to voice out her mind for the people who needs help
Men and women go through alot in Domestic violence and i feel the pain more than visible marks or bruises and scars. Domestic violence is devastating to be abused by someone that you Love and feel for but sometimes don’t be in a relationship that cages your happiness, drain your mental health and make you less important to your love life. Any one who loves you in return can not maltreat you or controls your life.
You need to be courageous enough to seek for your happiness and self worth. Stop living your life in bitterness and darkness.
Love ends and when that love ends there’s no connection between the two lovers then you will start sensing distance even though you are still in that relationship.
You need to see the red light which tells you the relationship has ended and gone. Stay Far Away from toxic relationship that damage your love life. Don’t ignore the signs you see when the love is gone “Far Away”.
May God help you to be safe in your home and relationship. Amen.

Bible verse. Ask and it shall be given unto you, seek and ye shall find, knock and it shall be opened unto you; for every one that asketh receiveth; and he that seeketh findeth: and to him that knocketh it shall be opened.


I believe in this words seek you shall find, Knock it shall be open unto you. but do not go and been knocking on your brothers and sisters and friends to support you all the time. Go out there to compaines, Banks. Business places and look for job, small or big ask for an opportunity for you to excel, to progress and keep praying to God Almighty to open the doors of blessings to you. Amen

Bible verse. For the needy shall not always be forgotten, the expectation of poor shall not perish for ever,

Psalm 9.18

You might miss understand this bible verse, not because the bible said for the needy shall not be forgotten then you decide to become lazy without no job because you have people to feed you, I tell you today the society and government are not going to pay your rent or make you to archieve good things in life, you have to work to be successful and be able to get your needs and wants. Go out there look for a job and do not depend on hand to hand. To be poor is sickness and despression.


I will say Lilian Dinma she is a woman filled with so much confidence. I sometimes wait for her to post on facebook because she always inspire me with her word of motivation.
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Me and My husband was blessed by this young lady. We were going through so much few years back, but her Music and writeup on social media gave us more courage. Thank you
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Milena Mathis
“Thank you so much for being there for me when i needed someone to talk to. I felt totally comfortable with you and your words of faith is so powerful and i was able to be more prayerful and overcome my fear. Lilian You are truly a call from God.
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